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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Rehabilitating Links in Comments
Kevin Burton would like to see links in comments brought back from the dark side.

Discussion started around nofollow rel links and how it was a shame that all comments fall into the same nofollow category.

If a weblog has comment moderation this behavior could be changed a bit. If the comment is approved the nofollow relation wouldn't be used. This way valid comments with links would contribute to PageRank (and other ranking algorithms).

If the comment isn't approved we could move it to a comment spam feed (for lack of a better name).

The feed wouldn't be user visible of course and all links would have nofollow just in case google finds it. It could then be used by other weblogs (and spam detection systems) to help fight spam.

As a frequent commenter elsewhere who often links back to relevant stuff here, I think this sounds like a fine idea. The approval of a comment through moderation ought to validate the links and enable the juice.

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Posted at 7:59 PM by John.
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Blogger Eric N. said...
Hey Freshblog, one thing most blogs don't really address -- and maybe i'm just missing something -- is that when I make a comment, I need to do work to see if anyone comments after me.

Granted figuring out ways to raise your rank, SEO are important, but what about focusing on site-usability, and making a site more interactive, thus driving more people to your site, and utilizing each post as a launching board into more conversations and interaction.

just a thought,

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Blogger Singpolyma said...
This is part of the idea behind some of the features on Commentosphere, and on the comments feed hacks (of which I'm currently working on another, better one)

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Blogger John said...
Agreed... That's certainly why I added a comment feed. You still have to subscribe to them all, of course, to see if anyone responds to yours, but a feed delivers them in your preferred format, at least...

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Blogger titanium said...
that's one reason why I moved away from blogger- now I use bblog, and I can preview the comments that include links before they are displayed. Of course, I have to have a hosting solution...

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