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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Bug in "Keep Current Time" Hack
Improbulus at A Consuming Experience has isolated a bug in the "keep current time" Greasemonkey hack from Browservulsel. Whether because of blogger formatting changes, or the 1.5 upgrade, or both, there's a new conflict between the functioning of blogger and the operation of the script:
It seems the combination of the changes and ticked checkbox means that when you click Edit, instead of displaying the date/time that the post was originally created it now displays the time when you hit Edit (even if you then untick the checkbox, it won't revert to the original date/time). And when you finish your edits and publish, you'll find that it's published as a brand new post, it doesn't publish back to its original location.

As Improbulus notes, since Blogger establishes post location / permalink based on time of publication, this is a problem. Solutions that are recommended there? Edit your posts in a browser that isn't running greasemonkey, or manually note the date & time from posts that you edit, and reset them to that time when you're ready to publish them again. Note that you can always alter date & time manually when you select the new "post & comment options" link at the bottom of the create post frame in the compose window.

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Posted at 12:01 PM by John.
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Blogger Jasper said...
I've addressed this issue in a new version of the keep current time user script.

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