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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Categories using multiple blogs
While we're looking at multiple-blog solutions & hacks, it occurs to me that I have never written about OldCola's multiple blog category hack. This, I think, is the original category hack, prior to the tagging craze, & is number one in Google results for blogger categories. I didn't choose this method because it seemed complex, and because I was interested in the additional exposure that comes from tags being listed on / picked up on Technorati. 'tis, though, an effective solution to the categories issue, and should be listed.

The way that this works is with blogger's e-mail to post function. You set up blogs for each category, and post your original posts to those blogs. Each of those is then set up to auto-forward content to your main blog. The source displays in the post title, announcing the category, and a sidebar link back to the single-category blog would serve as effective navigation / sorting.

So, not as complicated as I first thought, & apparently very effective!! Cool.
Posted at 9:01 AM by John.

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