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Friday, December 02, 2005
Commentosphere is Live!!
Stephen at Singpolyma has used Ning to develop a dedicated service for keeping track of your own comments in the blogosphere. You leave them everywhere, but you can now also bookmark them to Commentosphere:
Commentosphere is a social application designed for enhancing the life of commentors on the blogosphere. Features include the syndication of comments for a combination of criteria including person, blog, post, and tag via RSS and a JavaScript include for your blog sidebar, a comment aggregator that mixes comments from posts / blogs / users that you are interested in onto one page / feed, and the ability to search comments. Feel free to contact me with any feedback you may have.
Check out the Commentosphere about page, and Stephen's techblog post to introduce the service. Then sign up and give it a try...

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Posted at 4:36 PM by John.
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Anonymous dreamflow said...
Blogger Comment Hack Request.

Another nifty aggregator. Keep 'em coming.

Maybe using some sort of a feed we could generate a custom comment-favicon for Blogger. Other Blog CMS (Wordpress, MT, etc.) have one, so why not Blogger?

The key to all of this of course is to be able to use an img tag within a inline comment form.

I notice that in browservulsel's custom comment form and others,
that you can't use the img tags.

Is it at all possible to use img tags without resorting to edit comments?

ecmanaut stated in his post:
"each comment on your Blogger blog is technically a blog post."

Is there a way to automatically put images on comments?

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