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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Blogger Backlinks are Go!!
So, in response to a comment from Johan, and prompted by a nagging irritation that my post footers were becoming disorganised and could do with straightening out, I have enabled blogger backlinks on Freshblog.

Since this is a blogger hacks blog, & "off the peg" just won't do (because my template has been butchered to within an inch of its life...) I used the non-standard "custom" backlinks set-up provided by Jasper at Browservulsel. This seems to get around both the "won't work if you've got Feedburner" problem addressed by Improbulus, and the "can't cut and paste in Firefox any more" problem brought to light at Philosophy etc. Looks good from here!!

V. cool to see a graphic display of how many links there are in to the post, right there in the footer. I like. Of course this means that I'm running more scripts than Broadway, & if things slow noticeably here I will think about features that I can live without.... or sling into a test blog.

Some formatting still to do, perhaps. (You know you're in trouble when the footer is longer than the post) but the additional feature is working great. Many thanks, Jasper!!

Posted at 1:26 PM by John.
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Blogger Mojotek said...
I like the new setup at the bottom of posts. The 'interact','track', and 'bookmark' headings are a lot more descriptive. Thanks for the tip about Trackback for Blogger, as I have been unable to get it working so far, and I also use Feedburner.

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Blogger Singpolyma said...
What exactly is the point of backlinks when you have trackbacks?

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Blogger John said...
I did it, I guess, because backlinks are automatic. (They show up whether or not the person writing the referring post pings the source post) I'm still not clear on the SEO impact, but as you can see, some of my sticky posts only have a couple of trackbacks, but they have tons of backlinks. It's another way to show cosmos.

Eventually what I'd like is 100% automatic trackback that does add search engine value... then if you link to me, you get a reciprocal link from that post page & the "microsphere" for whatever idea we're discussing is more clearly articulated / defined.

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Blogger Greg said...
And you've implemented archive counts too - very spiffy!


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Blogger Jasper said...

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