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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Oh, Blogger, Where art thou?
Just a brief comment on last night's blogger outage. The posting interface was up, but all the blogs I tried were down, and the blog, which is my first port of call during all whackiness / outages, was out too. I wrote todays posts in draft last night, saved them without links, and edited them for publication this morning. So, blogger was down. Nor am I the only one to notice. Not good. Any comment, blogger?

Update 3.15pm: Blogger Buzz
announces a return to business as usual:
You may have noticed a bit of an unplanned outage for Blog*Spot blogs yesterday afternoon. We’re really sorry about this. There was an unlikely problem with some of the Blog*Spot machines that took our engineers and operations folks a few hours of work to track down. In something of a Catch-22, both Buzz and Blogger Status are hosted on Blog*Spot, so we weren’t able to get the word out that things weren’t working properly and that we were fixing them.

Hmmm. Methinks a new home for too, perchance?

Posted at 9:26 AM by John.
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Blogger Jim said...
Yep. The outage lasted a few hours! It began sometime shortly after 6pm Eastern and when I gave up at shortly before 11pm, it was still down. It was international too, ecmanaut was down and so was a blogger from singapore. I assume that all blogger blogs were unavailable.

Lots of whining in the blogger forum but no substantive explanation.

I wrote a post using writely although the bloger editor was working. I edited it this morning.

One other note, Johan's greasemonkey script didn't work for me this morning, did you use it for this post?

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Blogger Fritz said...
I noticed while trying to read yours and a few other Blogger blogs. Aaron at Bloggoodies mentioned the problem of blog hosting providers downtime the other day.

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Blogger Professor Batty said...
...oddly enough, one blogspot site in Iceland was still accessible...what that means is anyones guess...

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Blogger Newbirth said...
I noticed. But no big deal. I knew it would come back. :) I was still able to do some editing of my template.

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