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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Your Ideal Portal?
The review of Protopage 2.0 concludes with a wistful and provocative comment:
It would be nice if someone could come-up with one useful product that would incorporate everything I use on daily basis. Maybe we’ll see something new in the future that will allow me to only use one web application instead of the 5-6 different ones I use now.

So, a Freshblog experiment. An open comment thread to list the things you'd want out of such a service. Some things I might choose would be displaying unread e-mail, newsfeeds, feeds from key blogs, perhaps "recently tagged" lists from or flickr.

Does the "stuff in boxes" format fall down when you ask it to handle more than a half-dozen feeds? Could you bundle the feeds to get more than one in a box? Would that refresh too often to make it useful?

If you're so inclined, comment away 'til we're resolved all relevant issues and designed the perfect portal...

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Posted at 3:28 PM by John.
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Blogger Jim said...
Needs easy, one click feed add, perhaps even drag and drop a URL with automatic feed discovery (hey, I can dream right?). Even better, OPML import and export too.

Also needs to have multiple page capability so I can have a page for feeds and a page for newsy stuff.

And drag and drop taggable bookmarks too please. In fact, heck, why not make EVERYTHING taggable!

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Blogger Singpolyma said...
*looks to this post with interest* maybe I can get even MORE ideas for BoxtheWeb... if only I had the time to implement them all... ;)

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