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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Little Blogger Images Annual Vacation?
Maybe fallout from the downtime? Don't see my quick-edit pencil on my blog when I'm logged in, and don't see the left & right arrows to navigate the "blogs of note" on the blogger login page either. Was there an icon day-trip scheduled for today that no-one told me about?

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Posted at 2:23 PM by John.
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Blogger Jim said...
I think there's a few aftershocks happening. Slow page load times, disappearing stuff, FORBIDDEN errors at times... it's all part of the fun.

I think some Googlegeek must have tripped over a serial cable or something.

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Blogger Singpolyma said...
A lot of the blogs I work with those icons don't display... the link is still there, but you have to know where and position your mouse over the correct spot, even though there's no icon

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