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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Squidoo: What are you an expert in?
Micro Persuasion brings news that Squidoo is in public beta. :
Squidoo is like a blog. It's an online platform that makes it easy for anyone to build and share lenses on topics they are passionate about and establish thought leadership.
If you're an expert, you can log in and establish a lens for your area of expertise... If you're a webmaster, the site promises an increase in pagerank & juice because the lens will be a credible inbound. An invitation to abuse? Let's see. For now, check it out & see who's already built a lens & what they're expert at.

Update: In the interests of testing the service, I have built a blogger hacks lens, & will add to it as the opportunity presents itself. I have linked to 2 other blogger lenses too:
Let's see whether a community builds up within the service to rival those that can be simply built between regular webpages.

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