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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Increasing Page Views
ProBlogger, with a great list of design & writing tips specifically focussed towards increasing page views on your site, and keeping your readers around a little longer. I particularly like 2, 4, 5, 10 and 11.

These suggest that you interlink between posts, develop compilation pages, maintain a series, build an interactive community, and post quality content.

For a fuller description, and to review the rest of the suggestions (including the eternally recurring "partial feed" recommendation) check out Problogger.

Update 12/7: Pete from Blogger Buzz is with me on the partial feed thing (or perhaps, vice-versa, I am with him). Either way, we are in agreement:
Personally, I discourage tip #8, which says to include only summaries in your RSS feeds. I likes me my Google Reader, and get a bit annoyed by sites that only have the summaries instead of full posts. I think it’s better to include other ways to get your feed-reading readers to come to your site, perhaps with the aforementioned intra-blog links, or (ProBlogger tip #10) encouraging community in your comments.
Ah, the partial feed debate that will run and run....

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Posted at 5:48 PM by John.
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Blogger Pete said...
Something that's worked for me is to write a post about the Hamster Dance. Guaranteed 7–10 visitors per day via search engines. :)

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Blogger John said...
I'll bear that in mind... ;-)

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Blogger Fritz said...
The Hamster Dance. Uh huh.

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Blogger Fritz said...
Incidentally, Cyclelicious gets 1.7 pageviews per visitor, which according to ProBlogger is average I guess.

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Blogger zenyenta said...
Congratulations to Freshblog for the reference on Blogger Buzz. Shows what a valuable resource this is.

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