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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Expand - Collapse Categories with Javascript
Another great javascript category hack comes our way from Caramuel. This method involves multiple template edits & the addition of "labels" to each post that you publish. The details and code are laid out in Caramuel's intro post at

This category method is best explored and tested on Caramuel's Biominds blog. Select a category from the green box at the top of the biominds sidebar, & the page loads every post in that category in the main column. The posts are pre-expanded, but have the option of being collapsed. I'm curious to know if this setting can be flipped as more posts are put in each category and the content loading in the main page grows. having the posts collapsed as the default would make more space on the page.

Using one hack for multiple purposes, Caramuel has also leveraged his category hack to force a sticky post (effectively the only page in the "quick guide" category) to appear each time the main page is loaded. Looks like an interesting and multi-purpose method!

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