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Monday, July 24, 2006
Doc to PDF
Had cause to make a PDF this weekend, wanting to create an electronic document that would retain formatting and look the way that I wanted it to for all eternity (bwahahahahah!) I used and was more than happy with the result. You upload your doc, specify a filename, and enter an e-mail address for delivery of the PDF. Pretty soon, the thing is in your e-mail as an attachment and can be downloaded to your desktop. Easy and quick. There's a 2mb file size limit, so that transcription of War & Peace that you're working on won't fly, but otherwise you should be in good shape. Give it a whirl if you're looking to convert a document to a PDF on the fly.

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Posted at 5:51 PM by John.
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Blogger Geoffrey said...
Personally I've been using pdf995 for some time now to produce PDF files of booking confirmations and the 'how to find us' travel directions for our Brittany Holiday Gite.

PDF995 installs as a printer driver so you can produce PDF's from any PC application (I've used Word and Powerpoint with no issues) and other than a sponsorship screen when you generate the PDF file there seems to be no limitations. The PDF file has no adverts in it for instance and you can certainly produce large files (had to produce a 65 page PDF last week for instance).

If you want to remove the advert then I believe the licence fee is quite reasonable.

Not connected to them in any way, just a contented user !

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Blogger Tor said...
I've used the pdf995 as well, and there are many other freeware or adware conversion programs that operate just as Geoffrey relates. The hard thing is to remember to watch out that, when you want to actually print out a document later, you don't forget to switch your printer selection off of pdf995 back to your real life printer. I've ended up making a few pdfs that I hadn't intended to in my day, and on my ancient downstairs computer, waiting for it to cancel can take a while.

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Blogger Tarun said...
Hey John,
How r u doing?
Well I got the link from a friend and first thing I did was to convert my Resume.doc to Resume.pdf
It is a good site.

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Blogger RPM said...
I am using PDF995 (free) and my company actually bought it for internal use. It works quite well, and as geoffrey coan said, it simply gets added as a printer driver so anything you can print, can be made into a PDF.

The sponsor popup is not annoying anymore and I have learnt to wait a couple seconds for it to disappear before I can see Acrobat Reader open up the PDF.

The only annoying part is that the software did not allow me to choose where I install it and got situated under C:\PDF995, which is something I don't like. Maybe there is way to change it, but for now, that is where I have it.

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Blogger Tor said...
I just looked on my wife's computer to see what I installed there, and it's a similar program called PDF Xchange. Works along the same principles, and just as well. It's not very web 2.0, but the programs are very tiny.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi, I've been looking for something like PDFonline for a while now! I tried it out and it was very simple to use. No problems at all. Thanks very much for the link!!

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