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Friday, July 21, 2006
Google's Blogsearch Crippled?
I've noticed that Google's Blogsearch seems to have been crippled for at least 24 hours now. When you restrict the scope of the search to a single blog using blogurl: it will return only one result.

Check it out:

Search all blogs for FreshTags (no problems)

Search Freshblog for FreshTags (only one hit - should be dozens!)

It seems to apply to self-hosted, non-BlogSpot blogs too, as well as across different time periods (12 hours, day, week etc) and the RSS/Atom search feeds.

Even using a different option (eg "Freshblog in the title") seems to produce the same (solitary) result.

Of course, this means the Blogger Navbar is broken too. Not to mention Aditya's Native Blogsearch.

I haven't turned up any buzz on the interweb about it yet ... is it restricted to just a few blogs?

Anyone got any theories? It can't be the indexing, since the pages show up in a universal search; things just go awry on the restricted ones.

What blog search engines do people like to use instead? Personally, I've never had a satisfying experience using technorati ... there's gotta be something better out there.

*** Update ***

It seems blogsearch is back!

I'm getting normal behaviour now with all the variants (RSS, Atom), and for all the add-ons (NavBar, native search).

I wonder what was going on?

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Posted at 10:41 PM by Greg.
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Blogger Aditya said...
I'll also add in that this affects Google AJAX Search API as well, which means its a glitch right from the back. There is obviously something blocking it.

And there is no mention about this anywhere on Google. Could they be messing with it to implement something new?

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Blogger Tarun said...
John, after serial bomb Blast in Mumbai there has been a virtual black out of "Blogspot" domain this may have hampered your search result.
Meanwhile I have been using

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
intitle and inurl works on some of those searches--just remove the word "blog". I agree search is only about at half power judging by your results and a few searches I just tried too.

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Blogger Aditya said...
@Tarun: Would like to cut you off a little here!

The blockout (hehe!) was only for us in India, and the post was posted by Greg who is in Australia, so nothing is affecting his searches.

This somehow doesn't affect the normal Google search with a limitation using the 'site:' limiter! I wonder what is going on....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm from Europe and I can't get it working properly too...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Funny that if you go through instead of
You get the same one result, but at blogger it tells you it finds more results, even gives you the links to 'Next page' through them, but still only shows the one result. Heh.
FreshBlog search from Blogger

Weird stuff. Maybe that Sen. Ted Stevens was right and google's 'tubes' got filled up. :-)

Nice catch Greg, now somebody go poke google. Aditya? Have you got your pointed stick?

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Blogger Aditya said...
Wow! I just tried out what you said Kirk, and man! That is one of the weirdest things on the net right now!

But yes, like I said, its a block right from their database, since you can see the same thing even in the AJAX Search.

However, I'm a little confused. The Google AJAX Search is not blog limited. It uses the 'site:' limiter, right? So then why does it return just one result, when a normal Google search with the 'site:' filter returns many?

Meditate on this, I will...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Two more things for those who're still trying to figure out what's really happening.

The count of the number of results at the top is perfectly correct. And, when you search for results from my blog (try), the returned page is the second post, not the latest. However, it is the last post which I updated!

Any theories now?

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Blogger Aditya said...
It's back up, and working dandy! :)

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