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Monday, July 17, 2006
Consolidated Greasemonkey Categorise, Ping and Trackback Script
Is your Greasemonkey in a mess? Too many scripts & widgets? Not sure which script does what a this point? Pause, breathe, consolidate! Stephen and Johan have put their heads together to combine Johan's publish, ping & categoriser script with Stephen's trackback script. Now, with one script install, you can get all the features and functions of both scripts.
  • Add tags to your posts
  • Customise the tag URL's
  • Ping several services from the "Publishing Complete" page
  • Use the Trackback field on the Post Create page to add the URL's you want to trackback
  • Auto-add the first 200 characters of your post to the notes field on
This script will override existing previous versions of Johan's script. To use it, you'll need Mozilla Firefox, the Greasemonkey Extension, and the script. Read Stephen's launch post for more.

For detailed instructions about installing & handling Greasemonkey scripts, see the Freshblog Archives.... Just be sure to install script 4712 to get the new features.

Posted at 8:27 AM by John.
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Blogger Jen said...
Sweet. Too bad my computer is FRIED!

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Blogger Greg said...
Great to see hack consolidation ... an example of stigmergy in action, or was it a little more co-ordinated?

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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
Though it would have been nice having as separate build-on-top scripts, this wasn't; Stephen picked my scripts as a base of operations, so to speak, when he made his first incarnation of the trackback script, and as the resulting script and mine stepped a bit on eachothers toes a bit, we decided it would probably be easier getting them to work in concert marrying the two. Which I believe Stephen did rather well; I shouldn't have as much credit in this latter process as I might have been given; I merely fed back ideas, thoughts and tips and did a bit of research on the initial problem.

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