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Thursday, July 06, 2006
Wiki Firsts, Part Deux
While we're on the subject of the wiki... we've also had our first independent hack request added to the requests page.
i need to create a page in blogger which had had link but not a post. i saw this in one blogger blogs. pl help me how to do this .
This points up the need for the request page to collect standard & detailed information in the same way as the submit page does. Watch for the upgrade. In the meantime, if you're making heads, tails or purple kittens out of the above request, head on over to the wiki and respond.

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Posted at 12:56 PM by John.
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Blogger JM said...
I think it needs to be stated, boldly, that bloggerhacks is not Blogger Help, and requests should be for _hacks_, not what I call "how do I get my thumb out of my butt" questions.

Oh wait, did I say that out loud? oh well.

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Blogger Greg said...
I figure a user-editable "bloghacks request page" is always going to be a giant public skip bin (=dumpster) of ideas. If blog hackers wish to "dumpster dive" for ideas in it, then we'll have to accept that there's going to be a lot of detritus, redundancy and mystery goo stuck to the bottom.

In that spirit, is there any point exercising quality control at all? Sure, a few handy headings might help - the equivalent of a "glass, cans and cardboard go over here, no heavy metals or explosives please" sign - but ultimately, it's probably not worth enforcing.

In the end, the market will work; coherent, insightful requests with wide appeal will get actioned while the inscrutible and baffling will be neglected.

Or am I being too harsh?

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Blogger JM said...
I'm a big fan of very harsh quality control, given projects and what not that I've been involved in over the many years and knowing the inevitable path that these things take (no control leads to a mess, a mess leads to something not useful).

But this goes back to what the wiki admins want the wiki to be, and how you want to maintain it. You can have user-editable pages that still have a sense of consistency and professionalism--that doesn't detract from it's wiki-ness. In other words, wiki does not have to be a synonym for "messy pile of unedited stuff." I'd imagine you'd want the same rules applied to a wiki page as you would if it were a link on freshblog -- is it real, does it work, is it a hack.

But hey, i'm not an admin! :)

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