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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
One-Click Comment Notification
The Blogger Hacks Wiki ensnares it's first victim... er, I mean, gets the first fresh hack added directly by a user and not one of the content import crew. There should be a prize, but there isn't, and so the link-love from Freshblog (such as it is) will be the reward!

have an admin console icon that you can use when you're logged in to Blogger to send e-mails to your commenters notifying them that you've written a comment in response to their comment... Pretty neat. There's an explanatory post, and a page of code chunks, at Hackosphere.

Thanks, Ramani, for making a home for yourself at the wiki.

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Posted at 7:03 PM by John.
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Blogger Unknown said...
Wow, thanks John for introducing my hack. I hope folks will find it useful to avoid comments going into blackhole.

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