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Monday, July 03, 2006
Locating Tags in Post Footer
Waldwicht leaves a comment wondering whether it is possible to place tags in the footer of a post rather than in the body of the post. None of the tools that I'm familiar with allow this, & it doesn't seem to be the most straightforward thing to do, given that the post body updates / changes w/ each post but the footer remains the same. That said, I figure if anyone knows how, you're out there. If you think this is possible, or you'd like to do it too, hit the comments!

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Posted at 5:58 PM by John.
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Blogger Aditya said...
This can be another addition to the data spat out by my Hybrid Link Field. I could add it if asked! :)

The function could look for a [F] tag before the names of the tags, and when placed in the footer, it'd generate the tags there from them!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Aditya is right, but one thing to keep in mind. If we are talking about tags that need to be spidered by technorati et al , they need to be static as technorati won't index javascript created links. So you'd have to take that into account methinks.

Another possiblity, is using a little CSS creatively you can make it appear that the tags are in the footer, matter of fact I think I know someone that does that. :-)
Sample Link
If you look, the technorati tags appear as if they are part of the footer, but they are still in the body of the post... just rearranged/styled with CSS. Moving the tags beneath some of the footer content might be a problem, but getting them in the same general vicinity isn't too hard.

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