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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
The Biggest Lie about Blogging?
Anne Handley has asked a number of bloggers what they consider to be the biggest lie about blogging. There's some great stuff there, and of course considering the biggest lie sheds some light on the essential truths too. For some reason I identify closely with Toby Bloomberg's contribution:
“It's not totally a non-geek medium. The more involved you become with blogging the more you want the bells and whistles included on your blog which takes some degree of tech/geek expertise. One of my biggest surprise-delights having 'geek' friends. I can not begin to tell you how kind and generous these guys have been to me.”
Of course I'm all about the blogging experience becoming a quest for bells & whistles. Anne wants to know what other lies you've run into and what truths you've discovered.... Great thread!

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Posted at 7:59 PM by John.
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Blogger Patricia said...
I think that's absolutely right. There are some people who are honestly disinterested in learning any html or css. Blogging seems to me to require more knowlege in those areas than using a decent WYSIWG editor to create static HTML pages. Blogging really isn't likely to be fun for most people who don't enjoy at least a little geekishness.

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Blogger Okok said...
If people don't come and visit you "personally" at your blog, they're not interested in it.

So many new bloggers don't realize we, bolog readers, go through RSS feeds of 20-30 blogs a day and only click in to comment!
-just as now ;-)

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