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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Creative Blogger Template:
A new occasional series here at Freshblog highlights the creative uses that people are finding for Blogger. are building a quotes blog, & using Blogger's archive features to do it. The front page, though, is all full-o-widgetry, with overlapping quotes that you can close one at a time by hovering over them 'til you see the x, and a "sidebar" list of archives that's actually in the footer. The footer also remembers the quotes that you close, and lets you reopen them if you want to.

A great illustration of what you can do with the Blogger platform without using all of the default functions. If you can flex it to fit your purpose, more power to your elbow! If you're doing something similarly innovative, e-mail me or comment here & we'll take a look!

Posted at 8:47 AM by John.

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