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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Browseable Archive Hack
More good stuff at Hackosphere (subscribed, btw). This time Archive Browser, a tool that parses a year's worth of selected archive pages, and reformats the content onto a single page for quick browsing, as well as quick & broad "find-in-page" searches. Want to find that post that you wrote about Britney Spears last time she was pregnant? Want to search for the stuff you wrote about Wimbledon in 2004? Format your archives for browsing!

There are two options for implementing this hack:

1. For frequent use, you can add a widget to your sidebar which will allow you to select a year.

2. As a cure for occasional lapses of memory, you can head over to the Archive Browser page & input your blog's URL.

Some alternate uses: This would make a great backup tool, since the page containing a year's worth of archived goodies can be saved to your hard-drive, and stuff could then be cut & pasted back into your blog if required. On the same track, this might make a cool "publish your blog as a book" sort of tool.

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Posted at 8:34 AM by John.
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Blogger Unknown said...
Thanks for the awesome intro, John. Yes, the alternate uses you suggested are possible. with one limitation though, the tool only shows the first few lines of each post. Ofcourse, it shows the permalink if you need to see the entire post.

btw, what do you mean by 'subscribed'?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
That's a great tool, but not for backup beacuse as Ramani say display only the first few lines of each post ...


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Blogger Unknown said...

I would like to point out that visitors to the blog (specifically first-time visitors) can use the tool to quickly browse through all old posts and select the ones that they want to read. Though some posts may be irrelevant to the present, this will give a new life to the posts which are time-independent.


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Blogger Greg said...
Awesome - Ramani just informed me that this hack has been upgraded to accomodate those of us with off-blogspot (self-hosted) blogs!

This mod will also be useful for people who keep their archives directory in a non-default way.

Good job in broadening the reach (and hence appeal) of your work!

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