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Saturday, July 29, 2006
Posting from the Future, or the Past
Bloggeratto reports on the latest Phydeaux3 greasemonkey script, and 'tis a doozie. We're waiting, as you know, for the ability to write a post in Blogger, save it on a Sunday, and tell it to publish itself on a Wednesday. We're not there yet, but Phydeaux has boosted one of the existing solutions (to manually change the date on the post when you publish) by extending the range of available dates via Greasemonkey to be infinite! Now you can pick any 4-digit year that floats your boat, & publish from there. A highly specific niche, to be sure, but an interesting tweak too. Cool.

The mainstream solution for automatically post-dated publication comes from Improbulus, and uses EMailSchedule to time the posting of content via mail. I wonder if you can tell it to send you an e-mail from 1947?

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Posted at 3:43 PM by John.
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Blogger Avatar X said...
it would be funny, if someone would make a blog like that, posting from the past.. or from the future..

as a writer, i would do it in character, maybe having the post to look like letters or sheets from a typewriter...

umm... taunting idea.

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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
This finally made me update my old hack for this and more to work in a modern version of Greasemonkey. :-)

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Blogger John said...
@ Avatar - I wondered about that too, a sci-fi diary from the far future w/ posting dates that reflect the events that are "happening..." That would be pretty cool. That would make the National Novel Writing Month much more fun w/ a blog...

@ Johan - Thanks for the alternate method & tools.

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Blogger Avatar X said...
Indeed John, indeed. and maybe i will try it out, after all, a stun like this need to be completely in synch with The blog look, and more important the posts look..

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