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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Horizontal Menu with CSS
Highlighting some of the truly innovative stuff here on Freshblog, and road-testing a new hack at the same time, I've added in a horizontal menu underneath the page header. I looked at a couple of these, in an effort to help Chaim get one off the ground at Life of Rubin. We ran into an MSIE compatibility error with the first effort, but the menu at Alsacreations seems to be browser-proof and was pretty easy to install & customise. Chaim's implementation turned out even slicker than the implementation here, I think!

The installation is pretty straightforward. There's a pre-formed stylesheet for your template head, and a chunk of HTML that goes where you want the buttons to appear. I ran into an issue with my existing CSS, and had to make some changes to the code as provided. It took some work w/ the CSS at Freshblog to make sure that the formatting only applied to the buttons under the header, and not to all of the lists on the page, but formatting the list in its own class seems to work, and we're good to go. Check out the basic code at Alsacreations, and see whether it will work for you!
Posted at 3:21 PM by John.
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Blogger Unknown said...

Horizontal menu at the top of the page always helps because visitors can quickly find out all the goodies that you offer. (I have used the same concept in Anniyalogam). It is probably a good idea to open the link in a new window when somebody clicks on one of these menu items.


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Blogger Avatar X said...
CĀ“mon john, since when a css menu has been a novelty?

That post were like a flashback.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Umm, I agree with Avatar. I've had one for goodness knows when, albeit, a different way!

This one is cool though, not so much brain racking! And since when did IE start supporting float? Hmm...

Thanks nonetheless!

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Blogger Avatar X said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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Blogger Avatar X said...
well Aditya i never read the words 100% crossbrowser in john post..

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