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Monday, July 31, 2006
Ultimate Traffic Tip: Time
Not one to (often) use a teaser in the title, I'm blowing the surprise up front. Anyway, 7cMarketing links to John at FindingTheMoney, and John provides the ultimate traffic tip for bloggers both pro and am. The whole thing takes time, regardless of effort:
Time to get indexed. Time to get out of the Google sandbox. Time for the algorithms to do their thing with your rankings. Time to become like an old reference book to a few web surfers. It all happens in time.
John also suggests that you'll need some time to find your voice & build your community, & he's right, of course. Let's call this a late submission to Darren Rowse's "If I Had To Start My Blog All Over Again" series, which now consists of eighty insights into the evolution and development of the blogs of multiple authors, including a discussion of the time it takes to write a blog. As for building the site, If I had to start my blog all over again I'd know that it takes some time to get off the ground.

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Blogger Muselab said...
Hey John,

Thanks for the mention, good sir. And thanks for the blog - I'm always looking for new h4cks. :D


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