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Monday, July 31, 2006
Creamaid: Plugaid jumps the Blogosphere
In a very cool viral marketing campaign which ought to pay off big-style, the folks at Plugaid have rolled out a version of the service with a slightly different (and freedback related) purpose. They're calling it CreamAid, & I can't decide whether to tell you what it does, or let the marketing do the work! Perhaps I'll update the post in 24hrs & we can discuss the idea in response to comments etc?

As my post title suggests, what interests me here is the idea of a bridge between blogs and "regular" websites!

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Posted at 8:46 AM by John.
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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
I think it's serving both readers and creamaid best, slashing through their campaign to rip out the core idea or method in plaintext, for the crowd getting somewhat weary of web 2 and its marketing drums about the next five week Thing, and so on.

Not to glum up the joys of good ideas or the like, I just think those keen on betting a few moments of their time on the potential of maybe being wowed by some flash demo would go there even if they got the few-seconds-long elevator pitch upfront, and more of the rest of us might jump the hurdle of sharing your joy offsite knowing that there is something to expect there that actually interest us.

I may be overly protective or uptight about my time, though I think many of those likely to dig into and do something with tech like this fall in the same category. Not to mention preferring the message in a voice we have a relation of warmth and familiarity with; that social aspect to wording a message that Creamaid can't compete with on their own. The tight bonds that knit the blog world together into something stronger than marketing campaigns, however targeted, can measure up to.

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Blogger Hannelore said...
I needed a while until I figured it out... it just wouldn't reveal itself, without carefully reading on my side (I was a bit lazy, its so hot today).

Depending on what to market, I think the basic idea is brilliant. Bloggers are all playful to a certain point and want special outstanding things on their blog. Getting payed - even if its little - makes it even sweeter.
(while they wait... for google & co - you know - TIME)

One of creamaid's examples was to promote a book. Since I am working on a book myself right now, I consider to give it a try - when I am finished they are hopefully out of the alpha version and have it internationalized (to enter the @ sign of my email I had to switch my keyboard from German to English).

As Johan has alluded to it might be a little flashy/technic and maybe only the most courious people (like me) will give it a try.
On the other hand: if you trust a blog or a website for its quality, people would go further than normal.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
john// Thanks for the writeup, and also how thoughtful of you to not reveal it all :-)

johan// We've talked over e-mail, and I guess I did understand you correctly. Actually we sent the address to the alpha users of Plugaid, our other system. I assumed that the plugaid users would get the idea more easily because they already kind of know how that widget works. I'm sorry if we caused you any inconvenience with our teaser site. We will leave it up there for a while, but in the mean time, you can reach our real site at

hannelore// Thanks for your comment, and also sorry for having you wander in a hot weather :)
Anyway, when's your book scheduled for release? We're actually planning on supporting our first beta users, and it might be a great chance for both you and us! Please visit our site and send us request for invitation, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Trent Kang

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