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Monday, March 13, 2006
Site Meter Outbounds
ProBlogger points out that there's something new at SiteMeter, which has been Freshblog's stats tracker of choice since day 1.... (or whatever day it was that I decided I would like a stats tracker....) :
That the free website statistics package has added tracking of outbound links to it’s offering.

The free version of their service will now track the last 100 URLs that your readers leave your blog to visit if you have the javascript version of their tracker installed on your blog.
As Darren points out, they're pre-empting Performancing, & may not win the war even with this new feature, but hey, more tracking is never a bad thing.... even if it does show most folks leaving Freshblog from the main page...

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Posted at 10:20 PM by John.
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Blogger David Smith said...
>even if it does show most folks >leaving Freshblog from the main >page...

Try adding the Site Meter tracker to the other pages of your blog. That should fix the problem.

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Blogger John said...
Er, yeah! That would do it. Forgot that I took that off my post pages!! Duh! Thanks for the heads-up.

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Blogger ycc2106 said...
The Sitemeter's public stats aren't very complete so I never tried Sitemeter. Have you tried any other services? Is it the one you find best?

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Blogger John said...
Greg turned me on to Extreme Tracking recently (better for search term searches, I think?)
and of course Performancing are working on public stats from Metrics too, which will porbaby become the gold standard since it is blog specific... They can't keep a comment count for blogger yet, but then again, neither can sitemeter! I would recommend Metrics, I think, based on the fact that it is still growing & has been developed specifically for blog application.

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