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Friday, March 10, 2006
FreshTags for WordPress
Good news for WordPress users! The FreshTags blog navigation system now comes in a WordPress flavour, thanks to the tireless work of Singpolyma. Since WordPress has native support for blog categories, this plug-in allows familiar FreshTags features like "tag grabbing" (extracting tags out of inbound search queries) and "tag passing" (passing reader-selected tags to the next blog).

Singpolyma has also advanced the state-of-the-art for blogrolling. His FreshTags for WordPress plug-in also supports the innovative "peek-a-boo" blogroll method, whereby relevant headlines from your "peer blogs" can be dynamically-loaded - sweet! Now you can tempt your readers without forcing them off your page. Who wouldn't want that on their blog?

Kudos to Singpolyma for pushing the envelope yet again ... I'd better get cracking on the next FreshTags release!

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Posted at 10:09 PM by Greg.

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