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Sunday, February 19, 2006
Instant Color Schemes
Want to give your site a color-coordinated makeover? Not sure which shades go together? Check out Wellstyled's Color Scheme Generator 2. You can:
  • Pick a base color from the color wheel
  • View color families with mono, contrast, triad, tetrad and analogic relationships
  • View hex codes for selected and recommended alternate colors
  • Change one or all colors to view recommended colors (using the arrows at the far right)
  • Adjust the triad, tetrad and analogic views to sample a range of complementary colors
  • Limit to readily-rendered browser colors
  • View selected colors in default, pastel, dark pastel, light pastel, contrast and pale views.
  • Enter a hex code to select a base color
  • Approximate the symptoms of various vision impairments to see how your color scheme will appear
  • Save a "permalink" URL for a colorscheme that you like
Very cool. Instant makeover testing!!

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Posted at 1:16 PM by John.
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Blogger Tor said...
Good grief, you are psychic! Amid my site tweaks, I was just getting ready to do some research into whether my site was okay for color-blindness. Now there's all kinds of things I can learn. Great!



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Blogger MM said...
That's a really great tool! The results are very impressive. Just mark 'safe webcolors' and take care to take notes! I made the experience that the offered link DOES NOT bring back the chosen style ... so it's not really reproducible after leaving this gorgeous little thing!!!

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