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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
"Blogger" Google Group
Leveraging existing assets to provide support to users, Blogger now has a dedicated Google Group.
It's a new community on Google Groups that will let you talk to other Blogger users, ask questions, and share your blogging expertise. In the group, you'll be able to get all kinds of help with your blog - from template customization and HTML to publishing tips and troubleshooting advice. There's even an area to share your own, beautiful blog with other users!
There are currently 5 threads open, dealing with
Customizing Templates
Publishing Trouble
How Do I?
Something Is Broken
Share Your Blog

I have, of course, added an "Adding Categories" thread in the How-To section. Looks like a cool & interesting new resource for blogger users, with opportunities for users to add content. Thanks, blogger!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
yep, i am also there making a killing (helping that is) in the how i do section.

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