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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Comment Window for CoComment
Have turned off the pop-up comments (even though I vastly prefer the way they look) so that Freshblog is CoComment friendly. I know that the Greasemonkey Script works, because one of my comments on the previous post was successfully harvested and reposted, w/ no input from me.

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Posted at 6:02 PM by John.
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Blogger RPM said...
I am looking for a good reason to use the pop up window. What do you like about pop up comment window?

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Blogger John said...
I was never a big fan of this comment entry page, since it doesn't look anything like my blog, doesn't contain my original blog post by default, and doesn't make a lot of sense to me in terms of layout.... I switched over to the pop-up as soon as they offered it because it seemed smaller, neater, meant that my post was still visible, and looks much better... esp. for people who are used to using Haloscan etc. Have a renewed interest in Stephen and Johan's inline comment forms... if we can get CoComment to work with them...

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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
You can always do as on some assembly required and offer both modes of commenting to your visitors. I actually find it kind of wrong that blog owners decide this preference setting, rather than the visitor, but the web isn't always too concerned with the preferences of the end user.

Come to think of it, it surprises me I haven't made a Greasemonkey script to pick a Blogger comment page style I prefer yet.

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Blogger RPM said...
@John: I do see a link for 'Show Original Post' on the flat comment page. I think I like this view better because by default it shows the current comments and I can switch to see the actual post when I want to.

I don't know what I was thinking when I switched to pop ups :-)

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Blogger Aditya said...
@rpm: probably what john was thinking (looks better, works sleeker) :P

even i've had to switch back to this comment view, but can't this page be made to open in a new window with the dimensions of the window set by javascript? its a cheap way of making it look like the previous comment popup, but this one might support coComment too!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
have any one of you tried Trixie with cocomment script? I tried but its not working for me!

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Blogger jcwinnie said...
What is this Firefox extension to comment on web pages that Google Labs?

I tried it, but it seemed broken. Perhaps, because blogger and blogspot were restricted in my CoComment settings?

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