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Thursday, February 02, 2006
One-step Category Solution
Inbound links reveal this little gem at General Disarray:
I just skimmed Freshblog’s complicated three-part series on adding categories to Blogger blogs using a combination of and javascript. I’d like to add my own tutorial on adding categories to your Blogger blog:
  1. Switch to WordPress

That pretty much covers it. My one-step process will solve all of your problems.

Unfortunately, the comments are off over there so I can't leave a note of appreciation!!

Update 2/3: Alright... Clearly my attempt at dry & ironic didn't translate into prose, so a debate has developed and clarification is required. To be clear: This is a categories solution, but not one that I advocate. As some commenters have pointed out, Wordpress have categories pretty much nailed, but there are limited options for template editing, and for customising your blog... Obviously I believe the advantages of the system (custom & multiple tags, exposure on tag search engines, interactive output thanks to FreshTags) and the tools that have been developed to integrate tagging (most especially Johan's script and the BlogThis! extension that adds tags) make it worth the effort to stick with Blogger. If I could afford hosting I might consider WordPress, but blogger is the platform of choice for those of us who want to blog for free.

Which brings up Your URL is going to be a subdomain either way, so why not go w/ the platform that has the most custom options?

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Posted at 11:30 AM by John.
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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
No arguing about that. Had Wordpress been offering free template modification, too, it would beat Blogger with a margin. It's unfortunate that it doesn't. :-/

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Blogger paul said...
hard to disagree. pluses for blogger are fast set-up, template modification, and for those who care, ad sense integration. Word Press is great at paging (next 10 posts) and categories. I have a post on this topic too.

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Blogger Singpolyma said...
A brilliant solution indeed -- for those with the cash to buy hosting ;)

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Blogger Aditya said...
i am very much happy with blogger, thank you! plus with something as cool as freshtags!, who needs categories anyway?

its tiresome to first define your categories, and then when you want to make a post which doesn't fit into any of those, you go and make a whole new one! its much to just tag it at, and at the end of every month, run through your tag list and see which one seem alike, and just rename them!

with wordpress, the customization capabilities are too limited for me to be able to work and blog properly! a blog is almost like a persons identity online ... and i don't want my identity being decided by someone else! thank you very much! :P

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Blogger Aditya said... i found this blogging service called blogsome, which uses the wordpress API, and also allows one to edit their own template!

isn't that what were looking for in a blogging service...?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, having being with blogger at different stages, from the weird and now defunct days of the true "web logs" that got to be blogs (that actually there are some rumors that the word got started as a Banter logs, others says that it means brownser logs because to see it you need a brownser, or maybe it just that boring origin of someone taking out the we out of web logs ). blogs that changed the face of the internet forever, that made Fast Publishing possible and exposed the massification of dynamic website hosting with personal websites for everyone without paying a dime. that change was made by Blogger under the Pyra labs team that to this days even run by the google corporation as a branch in the so well know google labs they are still known as "the Pyra guys". and from that time when blogger entered the web 1.0 as something advanced, the blogger platform is lagging to enter the web 2.0 with something to stop others in their tracks but what most people fail to see( or don´t wnat to see) that what happened with the blogger platform is that it is so free to run that if we wish so, we can make it do things that no other platform can do or will do. and that is what blogger is all about, blogger builded the field is up to you to play in it the way you can.

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Blogger Tarun said...
Yes I also agree that Blogger should seriously think about hacks into Category.
I think it will help bloggers a great deal.
I hope all those who are concerned think about it.
Anyway if it is not then it is both are synonmous to me

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