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Thursday, January 26, 2006
Switching to Simpy
Greg Yardley's made the switch from, in support of the principle of sharing revenue with users.
Simpy [will] let you add your own AdSense links to your bookmarks page, allowing you to make 100% of the revenue, that got my attention enough to dust off the Simpy account. I love revshare with end users - it strikes back at the whole ‘Web 2.0-colonialism ride the long tail of user-generated content to riches’ theme by treating people as publishers, which is exactly right. So I’ve switched over to Simpy.
Greg also has some great ideas about how Simpy might leverage their user's importation of adsense to corner the market. Interesting...

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Posted at 1:25 PM by John.
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Blogger Mind Valley said...
I am all about sharing revenues with users but don't think that they will ever materialize to anything. So, I doubt anyone is actually going to see a check. We are just trying to develop the best application at and plan on keeping the users pages clean and ad free.

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