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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Hyperwords: BlogThis on Steroids!
Hyperwords is a new Firefox Plug-In that includes blogthis! options amongst many other choices of what to do with selected text (search, shop, copy, e-mail, translate etc...) Tom Raftery has written it up:

What does it do? Well, the default behaviour is that, when you select text in your browser, a drop-down menu appears, giving you instantly available options of what to do with the text. This is quite cool and allows quick and easy access to functionality you might otherwise have to go to other pages to get. The Preferences settings for the plug-in allows you to select whether the data you select opens in a new tab, or a new page, in the foreground or background. Also, all the menu options are available from the keyboard.

These extensions are getting more sophisticated all the time.... (witness PFF earlier in the week). Pretty soon there's going to be the perfect custom tool available as your surfing companion, with just the added functions and features that you need....

And oh, BTW, this post is my test of the PFF integrated trackback and pinging. Let's see how it goes....

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Posted at 1:57 PM by John.
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Blogger JM said...
hm. great. now I have to put this on the list of things to try, along with performancing, to see how close _it_ is to the "perfect custom tool available as your surfing companion"...because right now BlogThis! (vanilla version) is still the one for me. Go figure.

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Blogger RPM said...
How were you able to make your 'Filed In' show up as 'Filed In' and point the links to delicious bookmarks rather than technorati pages?

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Blogger Frode Hegland said...
Thanks for talking about Hyperwords™!


We just released version 1.5 which adds a Toolbar.

This new version also addresses the issue of the menu popping up to frequently (which could make it a little annoying) by adding new Preferences so you can specify exactly how it should work.

In a month’s time version 2.0 will be launched, featuring full user customizability, as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer support.

Get this new version as well as more information at

1.5 is borne out of user feedback and we'd be very grateful for any further thoughts and perspectives or questions. Please contact me via email 'frode 'at''.

Frode Hegland
Project Director
The Hyperwords Company

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