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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Performancing for Firefox 1.1
Performancing 1.1 is out, and there's great stuff there for blogger users. The big fat holy grail of integrated trackback finally makes an appearance. You can put trackback URL's right into your compose form, and trackback as you publish. Yeah!!

You can also bookmark on with the same tags as you select for t'rati. The one thing I don't see is the ability to customise the tag URL... but the settings page is down right now (along with the rest of & the URL change might be an option there? Otherwise, there's a request for 1.2.

Check out a whole host of new features, and the promised integration with Visit for info, as well as the PFF page on Performancing where you can get a run-down of all the new stuff, and some helpful screenshots. V. cool.

And Integrated Trackback for Blogger? Inspired!!!

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Posted at 8:42 AM by John.
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Blogger Peter Fleck said...
Thanks for the heads up, John. I can't wait to try this out.

I did lose a post with Performancing. I was switching from rich to tag view and somehow the post disappeared. It only happened once.

Comments, trackbacks, etc. I use haloscan. Do you have any posts about blogger commenting and/or moving from haloscan back to blogger? What do you recommend?

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Blogger Kent said...
I have not figured out how to post to blogger as a draft. When I check to post as a draft button, the post still gets published. Am I missing something?

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Blogger Aditya said...
is anyone else having problems bookmarking posts while publishing them with if you did, and have managed to solve it, please drop me a line at my blog.

i've posted a complaint at performancing, but well, support is usually slow!


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Blogger John said...

Here's the Performancing Help on the issue: "Go to the editor tab and click "publishing options". There you will find a tick box to allow you to select that your post should be added as draft.

We would advise you to test this option before using in anger as not all blogs support draft posts within their API software even if they do from the blogs own administration panel."

Might be that you can't do this w/ the Blogger API? I'll try a couple and see.

Adi, Could have been broken yesterday because was down? Let's try again today...

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Blogger Aditya said...
i am indian standard time time john, my day begins WAY before yours does! i've already tried for like a million times.

why don't you try it, and tell me?

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Blogger Aditya said...
sorry for the double post, but something VERY weird is happening.

the delicious tags are getting posted for all my blogs, except the main one ( my other blogs are my sidebar ( and one more personal blog. if i make a post with tags to those blogs, i can see them at, but if i try to do the same thing for my main blog, it doesn't show up!

what's going on here?

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