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Friday, January 20, 2006
Posting from the Future, The Solution
In a bizarre time-paradox that will confuse me for days, it turns out that Improbulus had this all solved before I wrote my "here's the problem" post... either that, or she read my post and then went back in time to pre-invent the solution... (theme from "twilight zone" plays quietly....)
If your blogging platform (e.g. Blogger) won't let you write a post but then delay or postpone publishing it until a later date or time, you can still do that with a newish free service called Emailschedule. It was designed to schedule the sending of emails e.g. email reminders, but works to schedule blog posts too - and you can include HTML to include links, pics and lists. It's the easiest (if not only) way of scheduling blog posts that I've found so far.
Seems to meet the requirements, and I'm off to sign up. Thanks for the heads-up, Imp!!

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Posted at 3:41 PM by John.

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