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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
Put Feedburner's Feedflare on your Blog
Another service leaps beyond the function for which it was originally designed.... Now you can add the features of Feedburner's Feedflare to your blog post footers as well as to your feed.

The newly enhanced FeedFlare service is live now and accessible through the "Optimize" tab. Our thoughtful designers have even created step-by-step Quickstarts for adding FeedFlare to your Blogger, Wordpress, Movable Type, or Typepad blog. But if you run into any snags or your flare just won't spark, drop into our Support Forums for help, assistance, alms, and more. You can also get the basics from our short FAQ.

If you've got a pretty basic template, or haven't messed with your post footer too much, this is a great way to add some features all at once. You get a technorati cosmos search link, post to, e-mail this post, subscribe to this feed... a basic post-footer toolbox, all in one. Pretty cool.

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Posted at 5:30 PM by John.

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