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Sunday, January 29, 2006
Pinging for Mutual Benefit?
Ed Kohler advocates third-party pinging, (at least when the party in question has linked to you and T'rati hasn't picked up the link...)
Imagine stumbling across a site that has linked to you, and noticing the site does not appear in your Technorati ranking report. Should your Technorati ranking suffer because of this oversight? Of course not.

The solution: Ping their site for them... You should get credit for your hard-earned link in short order.
via BlogHerald, where Liz Strauss comments that this will only work if the anchor text is specific / relevant. I wonder if that's the case, and if that's why Bloglines & Google see some links that T'rati doesn't?

See Ed's follow-up post for the controversial discussion about whether this is ethical...

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