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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Updated Blogger comment code
So I've updated the blogger comment code to reflect the changes in their service. Now the "comments" link from the main page and the "post a comment" link from the post page both go to a new pop-up page that lets you either read comments or post them. Not what I'd choose, I don't think, but I'll take it.

Comments still appear on the post page and have their own #'d permalink so that they can be linked to. I've added a permalink from each post too, and changed the signature line so that the timestamp prints without a link & my signature links to my blogger profile. At least it all makes sense again....
Posted at 6:38 PM by John.
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Blogger ann said...
hello can i have the code for comment? i wanna put a comment link on my page. thanks:)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
can i also have the same code too?

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Blogger Yiesue said...
hi, Can i have the comment code? I have been figuring ab this for a long time? thank you very much

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