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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Technorati Metamucil, anyone?
I'm not the only person to notice that T'rati is having some digestive difficulties. It still seems to be picking up and showing new links, but the rankings haven't updated in three weeks.

Technorati Rank: 3,306 (843 links from 329 sites)

and ever-more shall be so, by the look of it, unless there's an un-gumming of the works in progress. Here's my thought... Why not keep tracking the links, but just rank the top 100,000 blogs (because after that, who really cares?) Would that keep things flowing a bit more smoothly?

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Posted at 4:53 PM by John.
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Blogger Jim Jannotti said...
Hi John,

T'rati is definitely having some problems. Its tag facility is slower than molasses in mid February right now. Plus it's also slow at picking up new links, a couple recent links took two or three days to show up for me.

I'm just excited because my ranking has lost a digit along the line. It's down to 5 digits from 6.

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Technorati's problems are well beyond just a little tweaking. For instance, The RSS Blog hasn't been updated in 34 days, even though I ping it automatically several times per day and manually once in awhile. My Destroy All Malware blog hasn't been updated in 54 days. Others are reporting over 200 days.

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Blogger Athique Ahmed said...
I think you probably scared 'em John.

My rank hadn't updated in yonks. Now it's suddenly showing the correct number of links.

It updated exactly after you posted this.


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Blogger Yash said...
I am also experiencing problems, my blog has more links but it dosent show up at technorati.

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