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Thursday, February 16, 2006
Edit Comments Tools
Another limitation of blogger cracked and hacked. By default you can erase a comment, and then "delete it forever" to remove the comment footer and such. You can't change the content to correct for a typo, or dodgy HTML, or whatever. Well, nothing stays in default mode for long, and as the following hacks demonstrate, comment editing for blogger users is go!!

Three options here. First, you could head over to Browservulsel and take advantage of Jasper's Greasemonkey script. This will add a new link to the edit posts menu in your blogger account, that will access the comments on a post. When you view the comments you'll see a pencil icon to edit the comments. This has been updated to be 0.6.4 compatible, and so if you're greasemonkeyed up, this is the way to go.

Second, if you're into MSIE or are otherwise Greasemonkey deprived, you can parse the code on your comments to generate an admin console edit link that will appear on your blog when you're logged in, comment trashcan / conditional post-edit style. Improbulus has the whole thing sewn up, as usual, with comprehensive instructions for icon manufacture. The tricky part is finding the required Admin and PID numbers, but there's clear instructions available.

Third, if there's just that one comment that needs editing & you don't feel the need to make a template mod to do it, you can generate an "edit post" page for that comment by inputting your blog ID and post ID in a form. Improbulus offers this service, with the sensible caution that all edits are undertaken at your own risk. Blogger Templates offers a similar form that can create an edit window out of a delete comment link.

Typos, yuor dyas are nmubred!!

via Mark Wilson

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Posted at 12:49 PM by John.
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Blogger Yash said...
so its you(the owner of the blog) who can edit the posts not the person who made the particular post?

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Blogger Phil Wilson said...
Just to clarify your post - the URL for editing comments is the same as for editing a normal blog post, but with the ID number of the comment instead of the posting. It's very easy to add this to your standard Blogger template, because the editing URL is always the same.

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