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Sunday, March 05, 2006
WaPo goes
We're in good company w/ the whole tagging malarkey... I wonder if this means that we'll find all sorts of well, er... news on the frontpage instead of the usual geekery? last week announced the launch of a partnership with The deal allows us to offer tagging capabilities on all articles on the site. The service launched on February 23.

By taking advantage of this partnership, readers will now be able to save articles into's central database, which allows for easy retrieval for reading at a later date or for you to share your favorite articles with other readers.

Prety cool. BlogHerald points out that the NY Times has teamed up with Furl. Perhaps this is a giant step into the mainstream for these services? I'd be interested to see how many new accts are created, & how much the bookmarking options are used by existing acct holders...

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Posted at 11:41 AM by John.
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Blogger Greg said...
Wow - depending on how this is done, it could give every blogger the ability to put a customised, searchable, tag-driven, context-sensitive dynamic panel of news headlines, photos, links etc in their sidebar.

No doubt, the Washington Post would not be unhappy that those links point to the Washington Post. Here's an example of how it looks on their site (just under their technorati box):

Here's how it could look in your sidebar:

OK, so that example is not much more exciting than grabbing an RSS feed ... but when you start adding other tags like sports, business etc then we could have a collaboratively filtered newspaper.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Can you still read the articles after 60 days or whatever? Usually old WaPo articles can't be seen after that unless you're a subscriber. Do Delicious users get free access???

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I also use furl, and i am quite amazed with their improvement. i mean delicions is the top dog when it comes to folsonomy, but furl is another kind of beast in its entirety, as its slogan says is more about the personal experience because it is more compulsive(it has a lot categorization and personal review to it) and about a complex bookmarking system very easy to use.

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