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Sunday, March 05, 2006
The (Rising) Long Tail
Internet Marketing Blog challenges the blogosphere to forgo the self-reinforcing blogs of the T'rati 100, and to loudly declare an interest in lesser-heard voices and the quieter corners of the web:

I challenge every blogger to post links to new blogs, unknown blogs and blogs not in the Technorati’s Top 100. And I’ll pay out a total of $10,000 to those who participate.

All I ask is that you announce on your own blog your intentions to blog about newer, less known blogs, and post your blog URL here in the comments. ( A link would be appreciated but is not required. :) )

In six months time, I will make a list of all the blogs participating - the ones who have followed through and blogged about unknown blogs - and I’ll let the readers here vote and choose a winner.

Sounds good. For my 10c, I post good stuff that is relevant to my theme, and don't much mind whether that comes from a new blog or from Steve Rubel. If it helps you to do more things w/ blogger, and I hear about it, you'll find it here. I don't know if that qualifies me for the challenge or not?

As regulars know, I am into "microspheres..." the idea being that there is no blogosphere, and that your regular reads, or subs, or sources, or some combo of all 3 make up your personal microsphere... There may be some top 100 stuff in there, but there's other good stuff too.... some that is top 5000 and some that is at the looooong end of the tail. Ranking doesn't matter. What matters is that you found the site, you like the stuff, and you go back to visit more than once / incorporate it into your personal microsphere.

The challenge is finding the gems that are just starting out or have never been noticed. That's why I blog the hacks that readers submit by e-mail. They've got something good they deserve to be recognised! Finding more good stuff at the long end of the tail is a challenge. I think we all look beyond the top 100 already, but this contest is one interesting approach to reaching down the long tail for good content, and will hopefully encourage bloggers to be more democratic in selecting their sources.... Let's see how it goes.

via Blog SEO

See also Zoli's great review of the M-list blogger, and the related posts that he's collated.

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Posted at 11:25 AM by John.
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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
Of course it qualifies you; the only thing of importance is the quality and presentation of the hack. I'm going for the "do surprising or innovative things with the ecmascript family", but don't yet have quite your grasp and tracking of the field.

Paying T'rati a visit once in a while proves the time investment's worth time and again; I should make it more of a habit.

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Blogger Greg said...
I'd like to second Freshblog's inclusion in the comp. After all, you've linked to many blogs and sites that have virtually no traffic, just because they incorporate (or even just float) novel hacks.

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Blogger Yokota Fritz said...
I'm always on the prowl for different blogs to link to from Cyclelicious. I admit, however, that's it's often easier to go back to the same, reliable sources I always fall back on. There's so much dreck and spam that finding the gems can be difficult.

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I'm having HUGE problems with Technorati at the moment. I think it's because I've been posting on the Tammy thing. But Technorati have wiped my tags and aren't listing me or updating me. Even though when you're at my site and click on their button you go to my page. If I go to "My blogs" its says I don't have any and won't let me re-claim. Even starting a new account from scratch hasn't worked. And of course their "Support" is scandalously useless.

I pimp new blogs all the time. That's how the blogosphere should work.

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Blogger Jill Homer said...

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