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Saturday, February 25, 2006
Technorati goes Kinja?
Are we one step closer to the killer blog-support app that does all the back-room reader / feeder / bookmarker / linktracker stuff authoritatively & in one spot? Check the Technorati Weblog for an intro to their latest feature, Favorites:
We've made it as easy as possible to add blogs to your Favorites. All over Technorati, just click the star icon (*) to add that blog to your favorites. Looking for good blogs on a certain topic? Check out Blog Finder and add blogs from there!

There's also a bookmarklet you can take with you, so you can add to your favorites wherever you browse (get it on the Favorites Help page). And if you use another subscription tool or service, you can export your subscriptions and import them using the Favorites Importer!

Once you've got some favorites, you'll see the most recent posts from them, newest to oldest, as they happen. If you prefer RSS, don't worry, it's available.

Got your own blog? Wanna make it easy for Technorati members to mark is as a favorite? Just use one of these handy buttons! You can even display recent posts from your Favorites on your own blog with the Favorites Widget.
Much of this looks suspiciously kinja-like to me. There are currently a number of A-list favorites available to browse.

My only question for comparative purposes at this point is... How much info is added to the favorites page when a blog updates? Is your favorites page really a reader? That's sure what it sounds like..... Let's experiment w/ a few of the tools & see how it all stacks up... (Goes off to do Kinja OPML export....)

Update: There's a max of 50 favorites, so the cut-off in the OPML was a bit arbitrary. I'll polish the list as I get time. You can see the initial 50 that were pulled in, though, on my T'rati favorites page. Alternatively, there's a consolidated RSS feed from all 50. Fun new tool to test. (Figures that it would get rolled out in a week when I'm really not supposed to be blogging / playing online that much!!) Let me know what you think of the new features, and while you're testing it, show Freshblog a little love and add it to your list w/ this handy "coming to a sidebar near you" button!!

Add to Technorati Favorites!

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Blogger JM said...
Yeah, I have this bookmarked to discuss, too. I think this: "Is your favorites page really a reader?" pretty much nails the conclusion I came to in my brief fiddling with it. A "reader" in that it's a collation of posts by people on the list...but with an indeterminable lag in update time, and a cap at 50, what's the real use for it? That's the question I have.

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