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Saturday, March 11, 2006
What's your Microsphere?
A new tool for the definition of and participation in a "microsphere" of blogs that are topically related to your own.
is a mashup of and It's an see whether I can quickly find relevant web sites based on people's tags/bookmarks on, using the engine from It answers the question "people who tagged this site also tagged what other sites
Looks pretty cool. It will show you what else was tagged on by the folks who tagged your site, and will therefore give you a look at related readings, as well as a sense of the "genre" that your readers think your blog is in. The creator, Ying Xie, is just pulling popular information from at the moment, to avoid hitting their servers too often.

Via, where there's some discussion of the limitations / strange associations in the service, as well as the future of relevancy as a driving force in social web services.

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