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Friday, November 04, 2005
Read your feeds in Acrobat
Library Clips presents a great tool for auto-formatting a feed as a PDF. You can import up to 10 feeds as OPML, & then use Acrobat as a feed reader:

"Visit a website with an RSS or Atom feed and click the “RSS2PDF” button on your link toolbar - our bookmarklets will automagically find the website’s newsfeed and generate a PDF from it. “

[This turns] Adobe Acrobat into a light weight RSS reader, as now the bookmarks pane can list your feeds and items."

Interesting way to take software you already have & turn it to a new purpose. Getting your feet wet with subscription to feeds, or keeping your 10 favorites close? This could be for you.

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Posted at 9:15 AM by John.

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