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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Next Gen Aggregation: The Meme Reader?
Reflecting on a post at Leap of Logic, Kevin at Feedblog explores the limitations of the feedreader... focusing on the fact that it wouldn't be your tool of choice for tracking 5000 subs.
Feed readers are personal. You have to see every post because most of the conversations are shallow. If you want to read 5k feeds you have to remove all the detail and only show the interesting content. Is this a new application? A meme reader? I think it's certainly possible we're seeing a new space emerge.

Zoli and Johan at Ecmanaut have been riffing on interactivity this week too. So what does blogosphere, the next generation look like?....

  • Automated trackbacks that are de-facto meme-builders?
  • Pre-selected tags that identify a post as a contribution to a specific conversation?
  • Services that sort and display topically-connected posts as threads / memes, & don't show you post-level information until you've chosen topic & date?
  • The end of efforts to map the whole blogosphere? Blog-search sites superceded by services that are specific topic-hubs, where selected individual memes are tracked.
  • Microspheres... Units of blogs linked by similar topical interest, offering a single "meme-sub" to the sphere?
What navigation complications would this additional level of navigation present? Right now, in Kinja, I choose whether to "read the rest" based on post title & the 2 or 3 sentence preview that I'm given. How would we have to identify topics, & our level of participation in them, for Meme search to work?

Interesting to speculate on what might be blogosphere, the next generation.

Posted at 7:35 PM by John.
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Blogger Singpolyma said...
This is probably coming, but it will take cooperation either by blogging services or the blogging community (and likely the latter). To get posts properly classified into conversations etc would take properly tagging/linking/trackbacing ALL posts at ALL times to make it work right.

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