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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Smarter Sidebar
Have gone the route of the 3rd party subscription manager to clean up my sidebar and allow subscribers a much wider choice of one-click reader options. Selected MultiRSS because they have a wide range of readers on offer without using javascript in my template. Never liked (or used) the graphic buttons that clutter so many sidebars these days, but did amass a selection of text links that served the same purpose.

My text links had started to look cluttered, and when I logged in to feedburner and saw that my subscribers are using 20+ readers to read my syndicated content, & I was only offering a half-dozen one-click links, I decided to change things up.

Downside.... They don't offer a link to Google Reader yet. I e-mailed to suggest that.

On a related issue: RSS Buttons.

Read about the proposed feed icons for MSIE7 yesterday (only a month late...heh!!) & wonder "How many RSS buttons do we need?" How many different proprietary copyrighted logos for the same thing are there going to be? RSS is hard to comprehend as it is, and a bit of graphic consistency between sites and browsers would be most welcome. I'm as guilty as the next blogger, because I like my subscriber chicklet, but I'm thinking about this & considering burying the chicklet & using standard icons instead.

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Posted at 3:39 PM by John.
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Here's the problem. The average user is more likely to click on Add to My Yahoo than Multi RSS. It's a trust factor. Yes, it's not great having 10 chicklets, but I've got 2000 readers that seem to like it.

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