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Monday, October 31, 2005
A note on perspective....
Julie Meloni encourages us to maintain an even strain: "My point is simply this: it is naive to think that everything is always on, even if you are. Blogger sucks because it went down for twenty minutes and I couldn't post about what I did today, or the world is going to end because for several hours no one could leave comments to my post, for the love of god who cares. Who cares? So we're inconvenienced because our blogging service burped. TypePad burps too. So does Yahoo. So does Amazon, and eBay, and every other entity online. Every single one.... It's one of the most [...] stressful feelings ever to watch your app crash to a halt and the collective hate of ten people, let alone 10 million people, focuses itself squarely between your eyes....And Haloscan? Currently the recipient of the hate of 316,168 people? It's one guy. One guy."

A good call, well made, and something that we lose sight of when we're wrapped up in the stats, rankings, and rants, the interactivity of the experience, that make this so much fun. I spent the day at work yesterday without a couple of the crucial tools that make my job possible. So for a change, work was work. Whaddaya know? Maybe we're all a bit too comfy being one click away from the answer.....

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Posted at 10:38 AM by John.
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Blogger JM said...
You cut out all my profanity! :)

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