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Friday, November 04, 2005
Privacy on your blog....
This is what I was getting at with my question for the teens article, below. How careful are people being about putting themselves out there? BlogHerald: "Police in Mississippi are treating a murder victims blog as evidence in the hunt for her killer as they suspect that the information on her blog was used to track her down by her killer.

WTOK reports that the case highlights a trend “that might be dangerous, having too many people know too much information about someone."

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Posted at 7:39 AM by John.
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Blogger Fritz said...
I've thought along those lines also. Transparency is a big deal, but do I let people know where I live and mention that I'm going out of town?

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Blogger Mojotek said...
Very pertinent issue. Makes you wonder how often it goes 'under-reported' because law enforcement was clueless about the victim having a blog.

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