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Friday, November 04, 2005
Comment Moderation @ Blogger
Looks like blogger rolled out comment moderation today!! Now you can delete the spam before it posts to your blog, rather than after. The move was announced in blogger buzz, and the nuts & bolts are in a new help article.

Still not a default "block" of the spam-commenters, but an option that stops their stuff from ever going public. A thumbs-up for blogger.

Update 11/05: Amit Agarwal's experience at Digital Inspiration suggests that this is a suite of anti-spam tools, & that you shouldn't turn off word verification & use comment moderation as a substitute. That will just spam up your e-mail. Blogger will let you use both services, so keep 'em both on....

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Posted at 8:27 PM by John.
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Blogger Six said...
*bows to the Blogger staff*

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Blogger maceyr said...
Cool. I was composing my blog the other day when I discovered that comment moderation. At the time when I clicked on the link it gave me an error saying that it doesn't link to any page.

I've just starting blogging a while ago and found this site to be excellent. I've found the tagging to be great and got it working. Thanks!

But even with the comment moderation and the word verification, I still got a couple spam comments and it showed up in my GMail. Argh. I think Blogger really should deal with all those spam blogs because it's really clogging all the legitimate blogs out there. I can't do a good blog search without accidentally being lured into some spam blog that I thought I was able to avoid.

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