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Monday, November 07, 2005
Tagging as Intro to Psychology
Tara Calishain at ResearchBuzz finds the positive in the personal nature of tagging:

I have to learn your language to find the kinds of things you're finding when you search. Everything has its own language; every topic, perspective, desire, state, need, or interaction contains its own vocabulary. Sometimes as a searcher you find yourself required to research a topic but you don't know the language; you have to learn the vocabulary. You can do that with tag sites because you can see what kinds of tags are grouped together; what tags seem to "hang together" in a folksonomy. Once you learn the language you can, again, take that information to larger data pools like Google and do more thorough searching. But larger data pools like Google are a difficult place to learn new vocabulary because of the huge amount of noise and irrelevance (see #3) that you can get in your searching.

So it isn't sloppy, or so individual that it isn't helpful... There are insights to be had from the tags. Excellent.
Posted at 11:11 AM by John.

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